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Applications of stainless steel

Steel Grade Chemical composition Characteristics Purpose
301   17Cr-7Ni Less Cr and Ni contents and high strength by cold working Train, rail vehicle’s interior and exterior / structures, e lectronics components
301L   17Cr-7Ni-LC A low-carbon steel of 301, Intergranular corrosion resistance (IGC) and excellent weldability Rail vehicles
303   18Cr-8Ni-high S Improve machinability and scoring resistance Bolts, nuts,
304   18Cr-8Ni The most commonly used steel grade, excellent corrosion resistance and mechanical properties Generally used in household and industry
304L   18Cr-9Ni-LC   A low-carbon steel of 304, excellent intergranular corrosion resistance (IGC)   ntergranular corrosion resistance (IGC)
304LN   18Cr-8Ni-LC Low-carbon, nitrogen added steel, high strength and corrosion resista nce compared to 304 Train structures, hot water tank
304J1   17Cr-7Ni-2Cu Excellent antimicrobial and formability with Cu added to 304, used in deep drawing products Thermos, thermal insulation lunch box, kitchen sink
305   18Cr-12Ni-0.1C As a high Ni-containing steel, good non-magnetic and cold formabilit y and suitable for deep drawing applications Electronic components, VTR Guide Roller, electron gun
310S   25Cr-20Ni   An alloy steel of high Cr and high Ni that has high oxidation resistanc e and high temperature strength in the high temperature and widely used as a heat resistant material which requires the heat resistance   Heating furnace, heat treatment furnace, incineration furnace, combustion equipment parts, heaters, autom otive exhaust system components, heat exchangers
316   18Cr-12Ni-2.5Mo Especially excellent in corrosion resistance, pitting corrosion resistance, high temperature strength   Water piping, water equipment, chemicals, paper and dye manufacturing facilities, coastal facilities
316L   18Cr-12Ni-2.5Mo-LC Excellent intergranular corrosion resistance (IGC) with the low carbon and characteristic of 316 steel Chemical Tank, Chemical Ships
316LN   18Cr-12Ni-2.5Mo-N-LC Strength improvement by adding N 0.1~0.3wt% into 316L steel Chemical plant, nuclear fusion reactor
316Ti   18Cr-12Ni-2.5Mo-Ti Improve intergranular corrosion resistance (IGC) by adding Ti into 316 steel Crude oil evaporation protection (crude oil storage ta nk), heat exchanger’s cover
317   18Cr-12Ni-3.5Mo Excellent pitting corrosion resistance compared to 316 Dye equipment
317L   18Cr-12Ni-3.5Mo-LC A product containing a higher Mo than 316L, excellent seawater resist ance and SCC resistance Chemical ships, chemical reactor, petrochemical stora ge facility
321   18Cr-9Ni-Ti Prevent Intergranular corrosion by adding Ti into 304 steel Parts and equipment that are not possible to do the heat treatment after welding and assembly such asai rcraft exhaust pipes, boiler cover, expansion joint, etc.
347   18Cr-9Ni-Nb-0.06C Excellent creep resistance at high temperature Welded structures for high temperature
XM15J1   18Cr-13Ni-4Si Excellent hot salt corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance with Si added Automobile exhaust system (Flexible coupling), heater furnace parts
410L   13Cr-LC Excellent workability, weldability, bendability by reducing C content from 410 Structural materials and exterior materials of refrigera ted container
430   18Cr   Ferrite-based representative steel, low thermal expansion and excellent formability and oxidation resistance Household appliances, type 2 tableware
430J1L   18Cr-Cu-Nb - L(C,N) Excellent corrosion resistance, formability and  weldability by adding Cu and Nb into 430 steel Automotive exhaust system components, building int erior and exterior materials, home appliances
430Ti   20Cr-Ti-LCN Excellent bonding to glass by adding Si and Ti into 20Cr TV, Monitor, home appliances, Stud Pin
436L   18Cr-1Mo-Ti,Nb,Zr - L(C,N) Excellent corrosion resistance, formability and weldability with Mo, Ti and Tb added Heat resistant and hot water heaterSs, kitchen and ho me appliances
444   19Cr-0.5Mo-Nb-LC Intergranular corrosion resistance (IGC) Water storage tank, hot water tank, solar water heate rs, electric water heaters
410   13Cr Good corrosion resistance and machinability Type 1 tableware
410B   12Cr-LC Quenching hardness obtained by controlling Mn and Ni content com pared to 410 Motorcycle disc brakes
410S   13Cr-0.08C A steel grade that improved corrosion resistance and formability from 410 General knife,  type 1 tableware (Spoon, Fork, Knife, etc.)
420J2   13Cr-0.3C The hardness after quenching is higher than 420J1 steel.   Machine parts, industrial knives, scissors, etc. that req uire abrasion resistance
409L   11Cr-Ti-0.03C Excellent weldability and formability with Ti added Automobile exhaust pipe
329J3L   22Cr-5Ni-3Mo-N-LC   Very excellent resistance to chlorine corrosion, SCC, pitting corrosion, c revice corrosion, wear and erosion as it contains a large amount of cor rosion resistance enhancement elements such as Cr, Mo, N, etc.,   Desulfurization Duct, desalination plants, water storage tank, pressure vessels of solution and food related industry containing chloride, tanks and pipes
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