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is a Stainless Steel Service Center(SSC) designated by POSCO
that specializes in selling stainless steel.

The Steel Service Center refers to the advanced form of distribution that purchases large quantities of raw materials from steel maker, keeps in stock and provides them by cutting according to the needs of the customers.

The stainless steel has been holding a position as an important material in all industries such as from for household to for construction, automotive, electrical materials, structure, etc. Recently, the importance of cost competitiveness of commodities is increasing day by day in a competition environment that is intensifying.

offers our customers the best cost-competitiveness and quality competitiveness by ensuring differentiated cost competitiveness such as purchasing price cut from the bulk purchase of raw materials and savings of processing costs through the latest cutting equipment and logistics cost together with strict quality control, fast delivery, specialized technical services, etc.

Our BK family will do our best to be a market leader who leads the development of the steel distribution industry with creative thinking and continuous improvement efforts and grows together with customers. Thanks
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